Girls on the Move Day in France

Published on February 9, 2017

Girls on the Move Day in France

This pilot initiative revolves around International Women's Day, celebrated around the world every year on March 8. Two areas of working have become reality, and these were expressed in May 2016 for the 10-year anniversary of the Elles bougent association. Let's focus on the second: the parents.

Elles bougent and its partners have taken young women out of their schools to visit trade fairs (for example, the Paris Motor Show), companies, or industrial sites for 10 years. These excursions make a lasting impression, and allow the young women to see themselves working concretely in certain professions and fields.

Carry out targeted actions

This would not be made possible without the trust and implication of the principals and teaching staff of the 450 junior highs and high schools throughout France! They know their students quite well and are the first to be aware of their initial career choices. Furthermore, they share the realization of the need to carry out actions targeted at young women with Elles bougent, in order to allow them to learn about the scientific and technical fields to which, contrary to young men, they do not naturally look, through a lack of information or because of preconceived notions, or unjustified fears.

Arouse scientific and technical vocations

These obstacles can be easily overcome and the vocations aroused by helping young women discover these professions through meetings and testimonials from female engineers and technicians, who would like to relay the passion for their jobs and which the young women can imagine themselves doing one day.

For Girls on the Move Day, March 8, 2017, Elles bougent would like to push the envelope even further by inviting the parents to accompany their daughters during their visits and meetings. It's also an opportunity to convince them of the career opportunities available in the scientific and technical sectors, as well as to create allies among the mentors and the teams of teachers, to incite the young women to be ambitious and to adventure into engineering, technology and digital businesses!

Stay in touch to find out all of the actions planned for France on March 8!