The 1st Girls on the Move Day is off and running!

Published on February 2, 2017

The 1st Girls on the Move Day is off and running!

This pilot initiative revolves around International Women's Day, celebrated around the world every year on March 8. Two areas of working have become reality, and these were expressed in May 2016 for the 10-year anniversary of the Elles bougent association. Let's focus on the first of them: internationality.

Girls on the Move Days expands the scope of the Elles Bougent association's intervention by building on its network of partners. Today, after 10 years of existence, this network is highly developed in France and includes over 100 partners, companies and establishments of higher education. The large majority of them operate internationally, and with the current state of globalization, it seemed totally natural to develop the actions carried out by Elles bougent outside of France.

Sharing experiences and good practices

Despite the unique characteristics of each one, the problems in attracting young women toward scientific and technical sectors are especially split up throughout many countries and continents. Sharing experiences and good practices can only be enriching for all those involved.

Moreover, the female engineers of today and tomorrow are led with greater reason to always obtain even more international careers, with assignments in foreign countries or in connection with teams located in numerous other countries. This is also the case in higher learning, during which most female students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. One the high demands of the mentors is continuing their commitment with the association and sharing it at this crucial time!

Testimonials of female engineers and technicians

Consequently, members of the International Commission of Elles bougent, composed of twenty or so of its partners, succeeded in mobilizing their colleagues and partners from 20 countries so that each would be able to test our formula: testimonials of female engineers and technicians given to young women in order to encourage them to dare to enter the scientific and technical fields.

Stay in touch for the results!