Presentation of the day's program

There are not enough women in Science, Technology and Engineering education and careers

Meeting and talking with people who are involved is key to attracting young women towards these professions which they usually do not know much about.

On March 8th 2017, female engineers and technicians will meet secondary and post-secondary female students to share their background and career paths in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Female engineers and technicians talk with young women from 14 to 24 years old

Girls on the Move Day

Due to lack of information or role models, or because of fear or preconceived notions, fewer girls choose to enter the scientific and technical fields. This has been happening in France, and as a reaction/result, Elles bougent was founded 10 years ago.

Girls on the Move's goal

But this is also the case in many other countries, so “Girls on the Move” was born! It’s a day for gathering together female professionals in the STEM industries with female secondary and post-secondary students.

Transportation, the Digital Sector, Construction, Energy, etc. On March 8th 2017, visits of industrial sites, round tables, and many other activities will be organized all over France and around the world.

The goal: to show young women who are thinking about and planning their educational and professional paths the diversity of careers and professional opportunities available to them in the technical industries.

In France, industry partners of Elles bougent will open their doors, not only to young women, but to their parents for the first time ever, in honor of this special day.

Female engineers and technicians empowering secondary and higher education students.